Meteora private tour from Halkidiki


Meteora were named after St. Athanasios the Meteority, proprietor of the Big Meteorou Church. Since 1988, the monasteries of Meteora have a position on the UNESCO’s global heritage monuments catalogue. Built on the top of the rocks, in a high that reaches the 400 meters, Meteora are considered to be one of the greatest creations of nature, and one of the most important monuments of the Orthodoxy.

Today, only 7 of the historical monasteries are being used, 6 from which are open to the public, which are:

  • The Anapausa Monastery
  • The Rusanu Monastery
  • The “Big Meteoro” Monastery
  • The Varlaam Monastery
  • The Agia Triada Monastery
  • he Agios Stefanos Monastery