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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Prices are according to appropriate routes/trips. In this case of the passenger prefers another route, then must pay some extra charges (ex. Tolls, fuel, waiting). Prices are concerning each vehicle and are also based on customers being ready to trade at booking times.

Our company has the right not to carry a passenger who is under alcohol/drugs influence and passenger with inappropriate/dangerous behavior to the driver or other passengers. The passenger is responsible to book the appropriate size of vehicle according to the luggage and for the total number of passengers. In the case of the passenger books a smaller car, the driver can refuse to realize the route. In this case, the customer has to pay the full fare.

Payments can be made by cash to the driver at the time of transfer in €, or prepay by PayPal or by Credit or Debit card.

Booking Confirmations
We will confirm the online booking via email if a valid email address is provided.

Fraud Prevention
Any online credit or debit card bookings will be subject to verification.

Waiting Time Charges
We always check the flight status. The maximum no charge waiting time in the airport is 1 hour according to the landing time. Our company has no extra charges cause of any flight delays. The customer can choose another pick up time according to his arrangements. On all boats pick ups the maximum no charge waiting time is also 1 hour. Pick ups from office, hotel or home have 15 minutes no charge waiting.

Additional Drop offs and Pick ups
The charge is 1, 29€/kilometer.

Booking Cancellations and changes
The passenger can cancel or change 48hours before the transfer time.

Missed Flights
In the case of a missed flight, customer must inform our company as soon as possible, so we will notify the driver for changes. For pre-paid trips, the fare will be refunded after deducting 15 € for bank charges. If the customer wants to take a later flight we will provide the service for free. Failure to notify this to us, the passenger have to pay the full fare and if it is pre-paid; the fare will not be refunded.

No Show
The driver will wait in the meeting point up to 1 hour 30 minutes from flight landing time and if the passenger don’t show or don’t contact us via phone, sms/email is a “no show” passenger. “No show” also includes incorrect date and time of the bookings. All bookings pre-paid by a credit or debit card will not be refunded in the event of a no show. On line bookings or via phone paying the driver cash, and if the booking was secured with a valid credit or debit card will be charged the full fare of transfer in the event of an no show.

Prices are valid through a most appropriate route. If the customer wants to make any changes on route, have to pay the extra charges such as fuel, toll, waiting etc. In all cases, the driver will take the route to a destination according to traffic, time, road closures and diversions.

We are not responsible for any financial losses, missed flights, trains or meetings because of bad weather, accidents or traffic. In these cases, we will inform the customer for delay and it is passenger’s decision to wait for our car to arrive or to make alternative travel arrangements. If the client does not receive a booking confirmation, then booking is not confirmed. This refers to online bookings. Company cannot be held responsible being given the wrong booking information by the customer or the customer booked it online and got the booking reference number but has not received any booking confirmation from us.

Refunds will be given in these circumstances: All pre-paid bookings booked via credit or debit card, cancellation must be notified 48 hours prior to the arrangement pick up time. If the customer missed the flight, must inform our company and get a cancellation number. If we are refunding to an international bank account, we will deduct all the bank changes from the actual refund amount and the remaining balance will be refunded. All refunds are concerning to minimum fee of 15€ (bank charges).

No refunds will be issued:

  • For any cancellations occurred less than 48 hours before.
  • If the passenger books a wrong date, wrong flight number and other misleading information.
  • If the passenger leaves the pickup point without first informing our company.

Fouling or Vomiting
If a passenger cause any fouling or vomiting in the car, he will charged of a minimum of 20 € depending on the severity.

Passenger’s or Booker’s responsibly
Customer is obliged to inform our company for any plan or location changes. In different case, the customer has to pay the journey’s full fare.